Ausschreibung Mitarbeiter_in Bibliothek und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

(32 Stunden ab 1.1.2022)

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ÖFSE FORUM provides an opportunity for young researchers to publish the results of their research. It aims at publishing high-quality research output in the field of international development and development policy.

Under the ÖFSE FORUM series, diploma and master theses, dissertations, and research reports are published. A preference is given to studies which relate to Austrian development cooperation, in particular when dealing with the partner countries and priority sectors of private and public development cooperation or treating topics of current relevance for Austrian development cooperation.

Further criteria for the selection of papers:

  • Theses must have been approved and graded as excellent
  • Recommendation to publish must be given by the academic examiner
  • The thesis/report must have been written at a university/, a University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) or an academic research institute
  • Theses/reports written at institutions outside Austria can only be accepted if they deal with Austrian development cooperation or development policy (e.g. comparative studies) and are written in German or English.

Filing deadlines and selection process:

  • The deadlines for filing an application end on 31 March and 31 October.
  • The papers to be published are selected by a team composed of several ÖFSE staff members.
  • Print-ready and copy-edited manuscript for black / white printing
  • Edition: 100 pieces, the printing costs are paid by ÖFSE.


Praktikum im Bereich "Wissenschaft und Forschung"
Die ÖFSE gibt jährlich drei Studierenden, die in ihrem Studium fortgeschritten sind, die Möglichkeit an den Themenschwerpunkten des Bereichs Wissenschaft & Forschung (W&F) in Form eines Praktikums mitzuarbeiten. Die PraktikantInnen werden dabei von den wissenschaftlichen ReferentInnen der ÖFSE betreut.

Bewerbungen für 2022 bitte bis 31. Oktober 2021 an

Die Bewerbungen werden ab Mitte November beantwortet.

Praktikum im Bereich Bibliothek
Die ÖFSE bietet Studierenden die Möglichkeit im Bereich Bibliothek ein Praktikum zu absolvieren. PraktikantInnen erhalten im Zuge Ihres Praktikums Einblicke in die Arbeit einer wissenschaftlichen Spezialbibliothek. PraktikatInnen werden von MitarbeiterInnen des Bereichs Bibliothek betreut.