DEAL with it!

DEAL with it! – European Youth engages for a green future

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Youth are key to solving the continent's and the world's future problems. A young generation of change agents is setting out to tackle challenges such as climate crisis or the sustainability transition. In the project "DEAL with it!", four organizations from EU member states (ÖFSE from Austria, Artemisszió form Hungary, NaZemi from Czech Republic, and EPiZ from Germany) are focusing on the commitment and perspectives of this group over a period of one and a half years.

Specifically, we involve students from diverse backgrounds. In a first stage, they gather knowledge and have discussion with experts. This way, the young participants get to know the European Green Deal and learn that cooperation at all levels is central to achieving a sustainable and fair transition. A better understanding of political processes within the EU counteracts political disenchantment and Euroscepticism. For this purpose, the activating method of the Living Library is used in all four partner countries.

Collecting inspiration in the Living Library

Living Libraries are just one of the participatory event formats used within this project to address young people. However, due to their unique impact, they are certainly a core part of "DEAL with it!”.

In the Living Library, participating students become readers who meet living books. These are represented by activists, politicians and researchers from the field of international climate policy. They make themselves available as real-life input. The young people choose from the human "reading list" and get the chance to discuss the European Green Deal and its context with experts in the safe space of the library.

Learning from each other is at the heart of these events. Diverse perspectives meet another and opinions can be formed. The format stands for exchange and promotes the motivation to work together on a vision. In the case of "DEAL with it!", this is a green future for all.

Steps on the path towards a Youth Declaration

In different settings – first and foremost the European Youth Conference in the C3 in Vienna – delegations of students from the four partner countries form and work together to articulate their vision. With professional guidance and plenty of room for discussion and cooperation, they draft the "Youth Declaration for a sustainable and inclusive Europe".

Summit at the Czech EU-Presidency

The Youth Declaration marks an enormous achievement on the part of the students, who at this point have learned to collect and articulate their demands. To make this heard, a public summit will take place in Brno during the Czech EU Presidency. The students present the Youth Declaration to and bring their result into direct dialogue with EU-politicians.

Broad online involvement

The discussion with politicians is a highlight of the project, but it is by no means its conclusion. The results should reach as many people as possible and continue to inspire young people. Therefore, an online exhibition will be curated. Videos, graphic recordings and of course the Youth Declaration will gather in one place and will be available to the general public after a virtual opening ceremony.


December 2021 – Vienna – Living Library Austria
January 2022 – Brno – Living Library Czech Republic
February 2022 – Reutlingen – Living Library Germany
March 2022 – Budapest – Living Library Hungary
April 2022 – Online – Preparatory Workshop
July 2022 – Vienna – European Youth Conference
October 2022 – Brno – Public Summit
December 2022 – Online – Virtual Exhibition Opening

Co-funded by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union

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