Workshop Programme

The complete Workshop Programme is available here.

Friday, 5.2., 11:00 - 13:00


1-A Economic Models for Trade Impact Assessment

Raza, W./von Arnim, R./Tröster, B: Assessing the claimed benefits of the Transatlantic Trade & Partnership Agreement (TTIP)

Capaldo, J.:  The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: European Disintegration, Unemployment and Instability

Scherrer, C.: Understanding Standard-Setting in Academia: The Economics of International Trade

1-B Political Economy of EU Trade Politics

Bollen, Y.: Unpacking Member State Preferences In Trade Policy – A Research Agenda

Yencken, E.:  Lessons from CETA: Its implications for future EU Free Trade Agreements 

Horvathy, B.: The Values-Driven Trade Policy of the European Union

Orbie, J./Martens, D./Van den Putte, L.: Civil Society Meetings in European Union trade agreements: Purposes, features and evaluation

1-C Trade and the Liberalization of Services

Lindstrom, N.: TTIP and Service Liberalization: Bolkestein returns?

Prausmüller, O.: The Marketisation of Public Services reloaded?: From GATS to TISA and TTIP 

Yurchenko, Y.:  From GATS to TiSA and TTIP: neoliberal offensive on public services, finances, and social security.

Friday, 5.2., 14:00 - 16:00

2-A Economic Assessment of TTIP’s Impacts

Hossó, A.: One-size-fits-all trade liberalization: the further disintegration of Europe

Laget, E.: Trade and Welfare Cost of Double Standards

Theurl, S./Grumiller J.: Expected Consequences of TTIP on SMEs or “Why do SMEs take a stance against TTIP?

2-B Transparency, Accountability and Legitimacy of EU Trade Politics

Holman, O.: European Trade Policy, Commercial Internationalism and the Political Economy of Interest Mediation: the case of TTIP

Gheyle, N.: Trade Policy with the Lights on - Linking trade and politization

Zeilinger, B.: Paternalistic constitutionalisation of EU’s Trade Politics

2-C Labour & Environmental Rights in EU Trade Agreements

Marx, A./Brecht, L./Brando, N.:The protection of labour rights in EU Bilateral Trade Agreements. A Case Study of the EU-Colombia Agreement

Garcia, M.:Trade and Social Impacts: Are the EU’s new Trade and Sustainability Chapters fit for purpose?

Berger, A./Brandi, C./Bruhn, D.:Environmental provisions in preferential trade agreements:Comparing the European and Emerging Markets’ approach

Van den Putte, L.: The EU and US trade-labour linkage in Latin America: a story left untold

2-D The Geopolitics of Trade

Juutinen, M./Käkönen, J.: Battle for Globalizations? BRICS and US Mega-Regional Trade Agreements in a changing world order

Damsa, L./Protopsaltis, P.: TTIP: Another Chapter in the U.S. Multilateral Trade Agreement?

Kutlay, M.:The Geopolitical Dimension of TTIP and the Global South: The Case of Turkey

Schade, D.: Coercion through graduation: Explaining the EU-Ecuador Free Trade Agreement