The Austrian Foundation for Development Research – ÖFSE provides a range of information services related to development cooperation and development policy to the interested public. Including the following set of resources:


ÖFSE provides a news overview related to recent activities.

C3-Library for International Development:

The C3-Library for International Development is the largest education and research library in Austria dedicated to international development, global education and women and gender issues. It is open to the public and provides an open space for learning, training and information. The library is run by ÖFSE, BAOBAB and Solidarity among Women.

ÖFSE Country Information:

ÖFSE prepares country-specific online publications for priority regions and countries in accordance with the geographical priorities of Austrian Development Cooperation (OEZA). The “ÖFSE-country informations” offer quick and structured access to information relevant to development policy. They focus on bilateral relations with Austria on a political, cultural, and economic level, paying special attention to the presentation of OEZA-specific information.


The ÖFSE-Newsletter is a monthly e-letter informing about recent publications, events and other news from the Austrian Foundation for Developmetn Research.