Austrian and International Development Policy

Both Austrian and international development policy have been at the core of ÖFSE's research ever since its foundation.

Presentation of the publication "Austrian Development Policy"
Presentation of the publication "Austrian Development Policy"

In terms of international development policy, ÖFSE focuses on following global trends and paradigm shifts. This includes policy decisions that serve as a global reference framework for effective development assistance, which are taken at international summits by global multilateral and regional regimes as well as by bilateral actors. In accordance with its core work and research areas, ÖFSE follows and incorporates the scientific discussion on international development policy into Austrian debates by means of various activities (e.g. events, publications, talks). In addition, ÖFSE contributes to the international development debate through opinion statements, contributions and its involvement with different international networks (e.g. EADI, CONCORD, EURODAD and others).

Austrian development policy is analysed and documented by ÖFSE in the light of international development policy. Here, ÖFSE sees itself functioning as a research institution, which – based on the international discourse on development policy and research – facilitates the dialogue with different players in the field of Austrian development policy. ÖFSE contributes to the discussion and further development of Austrian development policy through various activities and inputs (e.g. events, publications, workshops, consultations). In accordance with its core work and research areas, ÖFSE staff provides guidance to and consults with Austrian as well as international stakeholders in development policy.

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