Design/facilitation of participatory processes and events

Addressing complex social challenges requires cooperation and constructive debate among as many actors as possible. Spaces have to be created where participants can meet on an equal footing and appreciate different points of view. Carefully designed participatory processes and dialogue formats promote trust and creativity.

The Nexus Game
The Nexus Game and its potential application in stakeholder participation processes. Workshop, June 2019

Based on this philosophy, ÖFSE conceives and facilitates participatory processes and innovative events in the field of international and sustainable development. We design interactive conference and workshops using a variety of methods, combined with an attitude of mindfulness and mutual respect. We create a safe space for participants to contribute their knowledge and potential in the best possible way, and to commonly develop innovative results and sustainable solutions.

Stakeholder Participation - Workshop
Stakeholder participation in development research. Add-on or essential? Workshop, June 2019