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2015 -

C3 - Centrum für Internationale Entwicklung

International Resource Governance at the Crossroads?

Navigating the tensions between supply security, resource based development and ecological sustainability

Public Conference

Natural resources have become a key issue in international politics. Competition for access to and control of natural resources has intensified, and so have conflicts over the distribution of benefits as well as over negative impacts of exploration and production. In the last decade, a complex body of norms has emerged, focussing above all on more transparency. Within the EU, two directives have been formulated requiring large mining companies to disclose payments to governments and a regulation is currently prepared on so called “conflict minerals”.

Austria plays a quite important role in international resource politics. It is actively involved in decision taking processes at the EU level. Several Austrian companies processing different mineral resources are among the world market leaders in their field.

The aim of the conference is to give an overview of current debates in international resource governance and to bring together different stakeholders and positions in order to contribute to the debate on international resource fairness.

Speakers include: Antonio Pedro (UN Commission for Africa), Robert Holnsteiner (Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy), Julianna Karall (Austrian Economic Chambers), Emily Norton (Global Witness), Marie Müller-Koné, BICCc.


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› Presentations:

- Antonio Pedro: Minerals and Africa’s Development

Robert Holnsteiner: Austria‘s role and position in global resource politics


C3 Radio: Internationale Rohstoffpolitik am Scheideweg


 Organizers: Austrian Foundation for Development Research (ÖFSE) and Dreikönigsaktion (DKA)

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