Austrian Development Policy – Analyses, Reports, Information

- is the annual flagship publication of ÖFSE. It provides an overview of all Austrian development financial flows and comprises both official development aid and private financial flows to developing countries. In addition, information on outflows of remittances is provided. In addition to the analysis of financial flows, each year a thematic focus offers contributions and analyses on a topic of current interest to the development policy community.
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Working Papers

Working papers are published which cover the current work areas of ÖFSE, both authored by ÖFSE researchers and external authors (upon invitation only).
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Briefing Papers

Briefing papers are published on issues of topical interest to the Austrian and international development debate. They offer brief assessments and analyses on specific issues of interest.
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Policy Notes

Policy Notes are brief reports on the results of ÖFSE research or offer concise analyses of issues of current interest.
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In the ÖFSE EDITION series, both studies by ÖFSE researchers and proceedings of conferences and workshops on development policy-related issues are published.
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The ÖFSE FORUM series offers students and university graduates the opportunity to publish high-quality master’s theses and dissertations of relevance to Austrian development policy-makers.
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Research Reports

Starting with the year 2014, this publication series features studies and research reports, which present the results and findings of specific research projects and consulting work performed by ÖFSE research staff.
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Other Publications

Researchers of the  Austrian Foundation for Development Research publish their research findings regularly in relevant national and international journals. Besides, the ÖFSE experts release their findings with other well-known external publishers such as Springer and Routlegde.
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