Austrian development policy and development cooperation

ÖFSE has been documenting development policy as well as analysing data, facts and trends relating to public and private development cooperation and development finance in Austria since 1984. ÖFSE's C3-Library for International Development provides extensive documentation on Austrian development policy and Austria's overall development cooperation efforts, as well as on its key players and institutions in the field.

ÖFSE focuses on analysing different issues surrounding the implementation of international development programs. In addition, ÖFSE reviews specific commitments and agreements of both Austrian development policy and Austrian development cooperation and organises discussions on these with key players and institutions in the field. Based on international experiences and debates as well as on scientific studies and research – ÖFSE thus gives strategic recommendations for Austrian development policy as well as for the implementation of international development cooperation. These recommendations, on the one hand, focus on the improvement of the governance and implementation of development policy in the context of new global challenges and, on the other hand, on contributing to the development of Austrian positions regarding the formulation of global policies at international summits or at the level of the European Union.

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