Austrian development policy and development cooperation

Since 1984, OeFSE has been involved in the professional documentation of Austrian development policy, development cooperation and development finance, as well as the analysis of data, facts and trends in these areas. At the „C3 Library for Development Policy“, it offers a comprehensive documentation on Austrian development policy, as well as on Austrian development cooperation activities, actors and policies.

Against the background of international development policy, OeFSE deals with various aspects of the implementation of international programs. These are regularly discussed in the Austrian context with key players in Austrian development policy.

Based on international experience, studies and research, OeFSE contributes to the strategic direction of Austrian development policy and the implementation of international development cooperation goals:

  • We help optimize the structures, policies and modes of implementation of development policy against the background of global challenges and goals
  • We offer contributions to finding and developing Austrian positions at international summits or in the European Union

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Dr. Lukas Schlogl
Senior Researcher
phone: +43 1 317 40 10 – 110 

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