FutureSIM: Making Europe's Future Sustainable!

A simulation-based learning program for schools

FutureSIM is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and  with funds of Austrian Development Cooperation is carried out by a cross-border project consortium from May 2022 until July 2024. Project partners are the Austrian Foundation for Development Research, the Centre for System Solutions (Poland), the Rogers Foundation for Person-Centred Education (Hungary)  and the Vienna University Children’s Office (Austria).

Recent climate protests all-over the world provide clear evidence that today’s youth is aware of the urgency to take action. In order to make this commitment effective and sustainable, young people need to understand social, economic and political structures, recognize global entanglements and question inequalities. Therefore, FutureSIM pursues the objective to support young people in their engagement and promote education on sustainable development.

In order to do so, project partners design and develop an online simulation for high school students (14-19 years) on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The simulation will be part of a learning and teaching programme offering additional materials for both students and teachers, as well as for stakeholders in education.

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Learning programme

The online learning programme on sustainable development for cross-curricular education in secondary schools, developed and subsequently implemented through the course of FutureSIM, consists of several components:

  • the Simulation as the key resource, enabling students to discover the interconnected nature of the SDGs not by mere learning by rote, but by adopting an active approach. By the gamification of learning, the simulation will support institutions in providing their students with an unique learning experience. In a playful way they learn how to become global citizens and how to contribute actively to the Agenda 2030.
  • a Teachers’ Toolkit offerspractical training materials for teachers who intend to use the simulation. It contains methodological support for moderation of participatory events and a set of accompanying activities to be run with students.
  • Digital Learning Materials equip learners not only with sound knowledge on the SDGs, but also teach citizenship competencies such as information literacy  and critical thinking.
  • an Online Learning Platform will serve as a central location for the learning tools, facilitate the organisation of the teaching and learning processes and offer communication channels.
  • the Handbook “What we recommend” is meant to be a policy and implementation manual for inclusive learning resources, that draws on the experience gained in the course of FutureSIM. 

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► More information: https://uptoyou.socialsimulations.org

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