Design and facilitation of online events

Many organisations are currently facing the challenge of converting planned events into online formats for seminars, workshops, conferences, trainings, and team retreats. With the right preparation and guidance, online events can also create spaces for co-creative and interactive work and achieve the desired results. In addition to the technical requirements, this requires careful planning including the selection of suitable methods and professional moderation. ÖFSE offers online individualized event preparation, planning, facilitation, and documentation.

Margarita Langthaler und Karin Küblböck moderieren eine Onlineveranstaltung

Individualized Approach to Facilitation:  ÖFSE specializes in methods and formats that create interactive and productive spaces tailored to the need and purpose of the event. The goal is to support you in meeting the challenges of digital communication in order to develop a successful, time- and cost-efficient solution. We have many years of experience in the successful implementation of interactive online workshops and conferences on a national and international level. We provide professional facilitation that recognizes the needs of groups with diverse backgrounds and interests. We offer a wide range of approaches aimed at learning and interaction, finding common ground among participants, and achieving sustainable solutions.

Services: ÖFSE services include designing, facilitating and documenting online events together with the organizers. We have a longstanding, rich and diverse history of successfully facilitating interactive in person and online workshops and conferences at national and international levels. These include seminars and workshops, conferences, team retreats on environmental, economic, social and development policy issues, amongst others, where the focus is on interactive and co-creative cooperation with the participants.


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