Chronicle of Austrian Development Policy and Development Cooperation

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This overview contains – in chronological order – important statements, milestones, publications, parliamentary questions, events, etc. on Austrian development policy and development cooperation since 2010. Due to the overview character, the presentation does not claim to be complete. This compilation provides a picture of the various activities, opinions and positions of the actors and offers the opportunity to assess current development policy statements and activities in a broader temporal context.
(Please note that the further information is available in German only.)

The chronicle of Austrian development policy and development cooperation is published annually in ÖFSE's flagship report "Österreichische Entwicklungspolitik - Analysen - Berichte - Informationen" (Austrian Development Policy - Analyses - Reports - Information). In this report, ÖFSE presents Austria's overall financial performance and analyses of selected facts and figures of Austrian public and private development cooperation. Furthermore, a current topic of development policy is reviewed and elaborated for the political discussion in Austria.