The Organisation

ÖFSE was founded in the legal form of a foundation under public law in 1967. The foundation was established with the goal in mind to offer an information, documentation and research centre for issues concerning development policy and development cooperation. The foundation's bodies are now the Supervisory, the Management and the Research Direction. An overview of ÖFSE's current organisation is provided in the organisational chart.


Mr. Werner Raza

Deputy Director
Mr. Michael Obrovsky

Supervisory Board

Mr. Andreas Novy, Associate Professor

Deputy Chair:
Mr. Heinz Hödl


Mr. Ulrich Brand
Professor at the Institute for Political Science, University of Vienna 

Ms. Petra Dannecker
Professor at the Institute for International Development, University of Vienna

Mr. Klemens Picker-Riegler

Ms. Imme Scholz
Deputy Director, German Institute for Development Policy

Jakob Wieser
Geschäftsführer der Dreikönigsaktion - Hilfswerk der Katholischen Jungschar

Foundation Auditor

Lorena Macourek-Schuschnig, als Zeichnungsberechtigte
der ANA Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft GmbH (1030 Wien, Traungasse 14-16)


ÖFSE is primarily financed by public funds provided by the Austrian federal government. The main part of these funds is provided by the Austrian Development Agency – ADA. Additional sponsors include church institutions such as the Carol Singing Campaign of the Austrian Catholic Children's movement. Own resources are generated from rental or counselling activities.