Education for All and the Sustainable Development Goals

‘Education for All’ has been a development goal for many years. The UNESCO-headed initiative ‘Education for All’ and the second Millennium Development Goal aimed at achieving universal basic education by 2015. Despite considerable progress this goal has been missed. Today, education for all is again part of the newly established international development agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals which were adopted in September 2015 by the UN General Assembly.

The SDG4 reads as follows: ‘Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’. This reflects the lessons learnt of past efforts. The historical goal of granting access to education to all persons will not be reached by 2030 unless social and educational equity as well as the quality of education are adequately addressed and the international education agenda is substantially enlarged beyond primary education.

In this context, ÖFSE’s work focuses on the implications of the new education and development agenda as well as on the questions of which strategies appear to be adequate in order to best take account of the lessons learnt. Moreover, the role of education in the changed international development architecture has to be analysed.

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Publications on the topic:

Briefing Paper 34

Inequalities in education from a global perspective.

Theoretical approaches, dimensions and policy discussions

Margarita Langthaler / Julia Malik

Wien, February 2023

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Migrant and Refugee Students from the Global South at Austrian Universities: A Typology for Targeted Support

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Globale Entwicklungsziele und ihre nationale Realisierung am Beispiel des SDG 4 – Bildung für Alle – in Österreich

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Das vorliegende Paper nimmt die Umsetzung der 2030-Agenda und der SDGs in und durch Österrei ...


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Bildung und die Sustainable Development Goals

Zur Einschätzung des Bildungsziels in den SDGs

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