Austrian development financing

The specific contribution of a country to international development cooperation is generally measured on the basis of the financial support that fall under the statistical definition stipulated by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Concerning Austrian development policy, analysing the specific financial support Austria provides to “developing countries” is of interest since this reflects Austrian cooperation efforts in their entirety. With regards to Austrian development financing, ÖFSE thus focuses on documenting and analysing both Austria's total financial support to “developing countries” in comparison to its international counterparts, as well as Austria's reporting practices to the OECD/DAC.

"Austrian Development Policy – Analyses . Reports . Information"

The publication “Austrian Development Policy – Analyses • Reports • Information” has been published continuously since its first issue in 1985 and provides an overview and analysis of Austrian financial flows to “developing countries”. In addition to the documentation of Austria's official development assistance (ODA), other public financial support (Other Official Flows (OOF)), private investments, export credits and private grants are also presented and analysed. Furthermore, in order to be able to accurately assess overall financial flows, remittances of people who migrated to Austria to their countries of origin are presented. Moreover since 2001, the publication discusses focus issues which are of particular relevance to Austrian or international development policy. Since 2012, it also provides an overview of the most important events with regards to development policy that took place over the course of the respective year.

In addition to documenting data and facts on financing, development financing policies in general are a working area of ÖFSE. Development finance is covered both in the Austrian context as well as – in light of the current ODA realignment – in an international context. Therefore, the question arises as to what forms of financial support will be considered ODA at the international level in the coming years and how other activities supporting international development can be recorded and categorized in the future.

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