Since its foundation in 1967, ÖFSE has tracked and documented both official development assistance/cooperation and the development policy of the Austrian federal government as well as the engagement of private institutions. TheC3-Library contains both academic literature on Austrian development aid and all important documents on Austrian development policy. In addition, ÖFSE staff members publish regularly on Austrian development cooperation and policy.

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In 1969, the first volume of the Handbook of Development Aid on non-governmental organizations in Austria was published (EDER, Rudolf; 1969). In 1972, the second volume of the Handbook was published, focusing on the policy, organization and performance of Austrian "development assistance" (EDER, Rudolf/ KROBATH, Hermann; 1972). Since 1984, the ÖFSE Flagship Report "Österreichische Entwicklungspolitik - Analysen - Berichte - Informationen" (Austrian Development Policy - Analyses - Reports - Information) has been published annually (when data are available), presenting and analyzing Austria's overall financial flows to countries of the Global South. Many of these publications have been available online since 1999.

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In this collection of resources on Austrian development cooperation, ÖFSE presents:

  • Chronicle of Austrian Development Policy & Development Cooperation as of 2010
  • A Historical Overview of Austrian Development Cooperation since the 1950s
  • An Overview of Projects of the Austrian Development Cooperation
  • A Timeline of Austrian Development Cooperation Milestones in the International Context
  • Austrian ODA Statistics 1970 – 2020

Please note that the further information is mainly in German.