Karin Küblböck

Ms. Karin Küblböck
Senior Researcher
phone: +43 1 317 40 10 – 111  

Karin Küblböck is an economist and senior researcher at ÖFSE, with a focus on natural resource policies, private sector development, international trade and investment policies. She is also a mediator and professional facilitator. She has been a researcher at ÖFSE since 1996 and has been working in the area of "World Economy and Development" since 2001. She regularly lectures on her topics at different universities and carries out research and consulting projects for public and private institutions. She also conceives and facilitates stakeholder participation processes as well as dialogue and training events. Her working languages are German, English, French and Spanish.

Research Areas

  • International trade
  • Investment policies
  • Commodity-based development
  • Private sector development
  • Stakeholder participation, process design and facilitation


Work experience

  • Austrian Foundation for Development Research (ÖFSE) (since 1996): from 1996-2001 research area Austrian and international development policy, since 2001 in the research area “global economy and development”, and in addition since 2019 in in the area stakeholder participation, process design and facilitation.
  • Lecturer at the Department for International Development, University of Vienna (since 2002)
  • Educational leave (2011/2012): trainings in the fields of communication, facilitation, conflict management, process design in Austria and abroad
  • University Program for Mediation and Conflict Resolution (2014-2016): Certified Mediator

Research stays

  • Argentina (1993-1994)
  • Uganda (1999)
  • South Africa (2007)
  • Nicaragua (2009)
  • Brasil (2012)
  • India (2019)
  • Jordan (2019)


  • ADA-Austrian Development Agency
  • Ministry for Education and Women
  • Ministry for Europe Integration and External Relations (BMeiA)
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Globale Verantwortung (AGGV)
  • Dreikönigsaktion der katholischen Jungschar (DKA)
  • Engagement Global
  • European Network for Debt and Development (Eurodad)
  • Horizont3000
  • University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
  • University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna

Teaching experience

  • Department of Development Studies (University of Vienna)
  • Pedagogical University Vienna
  • Pedagocial University Tyrol


  • Economics (Vienna University of Economics and Business, University of Vienna)
  • Economics (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad de Belgrano)


Current publications: