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2021 -

online via Zoom

The Green Deal: Young people put the European contribution to the implementation of the SDGs to test: A living library event for school classes

Duration: 2 hours
Target group: Students (14 – 18 years)

At this living library event students deal with pressing issues concerning their future, with civic engagement and answers of European politics. In dialogue with politicians, experts and activists they discuss their vision of a sustainable and inclusive future for all and stake out the possibilities each individual has to actively shape the world`s future.

The Green Deal: Promise for a sustainable future?

The climate crisis is an existential threat to the world. A political, ecological and social change is necessary! With the Green Deal the European Union dedicated its policies to climate neutrality by 2050 and a sustainable future according to the SDGs and according to the principle „Leave no one behind“.

The event format: Learning through dialogue

The goal of the living library is to make the work and the visions of politicians, experts and activists in the field of climate justice visible and tangible for young people. In small groups they gather knowledge and inspiration, share their experiences and perspectives, ask questions and articulate critique. The mutual learning process is key of a living library.

> More information (pdf)

List of “living books“ (pdf)


The project “Deal with it!“

The living library event takes place within the project DEAL with it! – European Youth engages for a green future, funded by the European Union. In the project the engagement of young people will be brought into focus by a consortium composed of ÖFSE from Austria, Artemisszió from Hungary, NaZemi from Czech Republic and EPiZ from Germany. The living library event is the first of a number of participatory formats in the project in which young people deal with challenges concerning their future and elaborate demands for a sustainable transformation of the world.

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