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Development in the Global South at risk: Economic and social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in developing countries.

Gabriele Tondl

Wien, September 2021

Developing countries (DCs) encounter the COVID-19 pandemic under distinctly different preconditions than high-income countries. Three issues arise: i) What are the prospects of DCs to stop further waves of the COVID-19 disease? ii) Why has the COVID-19 pandemic hit the economy of DCs so hard? iii) How has poverty and human tragedy re-emerged in DCs in the course of the COVID-19 crisis and will it ruin the basis of future development? These issues are discussed using the most recent data and academic literature available. The major conclusion of this paper is that DCs are disproportionately suffering from the economic and human consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. To mitigate this miserable situation, they will need suitable, well-designed assistance from the Global North and international institutions.

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