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Microcredit and the Empowerment of Women

An empirical study on the effects of microcredits on women's lives in Kibera/ Nairobi

Elisabeth Hofbeck

Wien, Dezember 2013 | 978-3-902905-03-8

Elisabeth Hofbeck's study "Microcredit and the Empowerment of Women. An empirical study on the effects of microcredits on women's lives in Kibera/Nairobi" presents a central component of a cooperative research project between two institutional partners: (i) the Institute of Social Ministry in Mission at Tangaza College in Nairobi, Kenya and (ii) ÖFSE - Austrian Research Foundation for International Development in Vienna, Austria.

The aim of the project was to set up a joint research effort directed at the investigation of two community development projects in the slum areas of Kibera and Mukuru in Nairobi. Amongst many other activities, both projects included programs to facilitate income generation for poor households, in particular women. One important measure consisted in supporting the formation of savings and loan groups between women. It was hoped that by fostering the financial capabilities of poor women households, a positive contribution to their income situation could be achieved. This, in turn, would allow the beneficiaries of the program to cover school expenses or expenditure for other needs. The aim of the research project was to empirically examine the impact of the support programmes in the field, and provide recommendations on the way forward.

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