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2021 -


COVID-19 and global vaccine inequality: views from the Global South

Online conference with Carlos Correa (Director, South Centre, Geneva), Fatima Hassan (Health Justice Initiative, RSA), and others.

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COVID-19 affects us all, but not equally. Given the depth of the global health crisis, UN secretary-general Guterres declared to make vaccines available and affordable  to all as the „first great moral test“ of the year. But demands to treat vaccination as a global public good stand in stark contrast to practices of vaccine nationalism and very limited availability of vaccines for the countries of the Global South. Against this backdrop the online conference aims to foster the debate on global vaccine justice and the need for alternative policy responses. The webinar is particularly interested in views from the Global South on these exceptional challenges: What are assessments of the current situation? What is seen a part of the problem and the solution? A special focus will be dedicated to the ongoing debate to temporarily suspend patents and other intellectual property rights on COVID-19 medical products under the TRIPS agreement of the World Trade Organisation (so called „TRIPS waiver“).
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