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2022 -

University of Vienna, NIG lecture hall II, Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Vienna

How China Rides the Waves of Crisis: Going Global and Going Digital

Lecture by Ching Kwan Lee (UCLA)

Chaired by Cornelia Staritz (University of Vienna)

The 2007-8 global financial crisis and the waves of mass rebellions in Eastern Europe and the Arab world around the same time marked a major turning point in China’s strategies of development and domination. On the one hand, the drastic shrinkage in foreign demand spelled the end of China’s export-led high growth era, presenting a crisis of accumulation. On the other, global popular revolts that toppled or destabilized autocratic regimes raised the specter of a potential crisis of governance. The Chinese Communist regime responded with two grand projects—global expansion (officially labelled Going Out, Belt and Road Initiative, Made in China 2025, China Dream) and digital authoritarianism (platform economy and rule by high-tech surveillance). This talk analyses the practices of these elite strategies and assesses their effectiveness for maintaining economic growth and political control amidst a “new cold war” and a global pandemic.

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ie-talk - Lecture Series of the Department of Development Studies


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