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Let’s come together and DEAL with it!

Youth conference on EU policy making for a sustainable future for all

Climate change and the sustainability crisis are existential threats for Europe and the World. We need an ecological and social turnaround! With the Green Deal the EU member states are committed to turning the EU into a climate neutral continent by 2050 and to implement the Agenda 2030 and it`s 17 Goals for Sustainable Development. However, to bring these concepts into action politicians need to listen to the youth’ voices.

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The Europe for Citizens project DEAL with it! organises a conference to strengthen young people to actively engage in climate and sustainability policy.  

In the conference young people from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary meet experts to reflect political processes and formulate their burning issues for a sustainable and inclusive future for all towards EU policymakers. With creative and interactive methods, they will elaborate a Youth Declaration. At the end of this day, they will present their joint result to the public.



23.6.2022      Side event
15:00-19:00    Check-in and Warm-Up activities

24.6.2022       Conference Programme
9.30-9.35        Welcome
9:35-9:55        Introduction: Challenges for our common future and opportunities for action
10:00-12:00    Workshops on 4 thematic priorities: 1. social justice & equality, 2. sustainable economy, 3. sustainable mobility 4. education & active citizenship
12.00 -13.00   Lunch
13.00-14.00    Visit the House of the European Union: The European Green Deal and citizen participation
14.30-16.00    Workshops: Designing the Declaration on young perspectives
16.00-17.00    Break
17.00-18.30    Public Event: Presenting the Youth Declaration “DEAL with it! What young citizens need from politics for a sustainable future for all” to the public

25.6.2022 Side event
10.00-14:00    Wrap-up & city tour on the topic of climate mitigation & adaptation in Vienna

Co-funded by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union

Veranstaltung im Rahmen des Projektes "DEAL with it! – European Youth engages for a green future"

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