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University of Vienna, Austria

SDG4 and the Human Right to Quality Education for All: An Agenda for Action

Global conference on SDG 4 and the Right to Quality Education for All

In honour of its centennial the World University Service (WUS) is hosting a global conference on the right to quality education in Vienna.
Margarita Langthaler (ÖFSE) will be one of the speakers of the working group "Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship" September 22, 2021

Within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 - the right to quality education – the conference focuses on global challenges learners, educators and educational institutions, but also countries, economies and governments are facing when it comes to shrinking civic spaces in education, access to education for refugees, migrants and girls as well as access to inclusive and quality education for sustainable development (ESD) and global citizenship. The conference will address key areas such as innovation and quality assurance to achieve excellence, human rights and learning impact in situations of forced migration or how to maintain civic space in education, because we believe that they are necessary in making educational services work for all. Particular emphasis is given to youth perspectives and connecting those with the experience of senior educators and experts.

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> Programme (pdf)

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