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2021 -


Skills for Green and Just Transitions. The role of Vocational Education and Training for Sustainable Development

Online Seminar

The human capability to learn is widely regarded as one of the most important resources for achieving a sustainable society. Yet, traditional institutions of learning are lagging behind in transmitting such kind of transformative skills. In particular, the role of Vocational Education and Training (VET) is often limited to providing technical skills for greener economies. But will this suffice?

Faced with the climate emergency, there is a need for a radical reimagining of approaches to VET. Common VET practices are still tied to environmentally and socially unsustainable models of growth and work. Often, and particularly in the Global South, they do not correspond to the reality of informal and precarious work many people are faced with.

A radical re-imagining of VET requires an in-depth discussion on what a transition to a greener and just economy will mean at the global level.

Convener: ÖFSE – Austrian Foundation for Development Research  

> Programme (pdf)

> Video

> Artikel zur Veranstaltung: Lebenslanges grünes Lernen, von Viktoria Nutz (Paulo Freire Zentrum)

> C3-Radio zur Veranstaltung


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