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2019 -

C3 – Center for International Development, Sensengasse 3, 1090 Vienna

The Nexus Game and its potential application in stakeholder participation processes


Organised by: ÖFSE and IIASA, in cooperation with FUSE
Target group:  Researchers, development practitioners, teachers, students, persons interested in innovative teaching, learning and participatory processes

The Nexus Game gives a unique opportunity to get an insight into the challenges of water management for energy and food production while sustaining environmental flows. Participants explore how different water management policies can lead to the sustainable development of society in harmony with nature. They will strive to address the water needs of population, industry, and agriculture, at the same time facing challenges of climate change. The game is designed to demonstrate many interconnected Water-Food-Energy Nexus challenges.

During the morning session (9-12.30), participants will play the game and reflect upon its applicability. During the afternoon session, participants will learn how to use it in their own teaching, training, facilitation activities. The workshops concludes with a common reflections about possibilities and limits of social simulation games in different settings.
It is also possible to only participate in the morning session.

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