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2021 -

Global Water Scarcity and the need for a sustainable approach to water management

ÖFSE Development Lecture No. 19

with Professor Steven Gorelick, Stanford University, Leader of the international consortium Food Water Energy for Urban Sustainable Environments (FUSE)

Driven by the climate crisis, water scarcity is rapidly becoming a global problem. It affects particularly populations in the countries of the Global South. Sustaining access to affordable water resources as well as managing water availability for potentially competing uses for e.g. food production, energy generation, and other economic and social activities will become a major challenge for both rural and urban communities. Tackling these challenges will require new approaches to water resources management and will need to involve affected local stakeholders.

Upon the basis of an overview of the current global situation and emerging trends in water availability and water use, in this ÖFSE Development Lecture, Professor Steven Gorelick will present the innovative trans-disciplinary approach of the FUSE research consortium on stakeholder-driven water management in urban areas. Two comments present the activities of the Austrian Development Cooperation on water supply and management, and the approach of the City of Vienna to water management.

> Programme (pdf)

> Presentation "Global Water Scarcity and the Need for a Sustainable Approach to Water Management", Steven Gorelick, Stanford University

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