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2016 -

C3 - Centrum für Internationale Entwicklung

Conference: The end of a progressive era in Latin America? Reasons and implications

Keynote: Eduardo Gudynas (Executive Secretary of the Latin American Centre for Social Ecology in Uruguay and the 2016 Arne Næss Professor in Global Justice and the Environment at the Centre for Development and the Environment – SUM, Oslo)

In several Latin America countries, center-left and left parties came into government at the turn of the new Millenium (e.g. Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia). Based on the intensification of resource extraction and higher public appropriation of related rents, those governments could achieve substantial improvements of living conditions especially of the poorer parts of society. In many parts of the world, the social progress in those countries served as an example for creating social change. However, in the past years, many of these governments entered into political crises, eventually leading to their replacement by conservative parties.

Which factors contributed to this reversal? What are differences and commonalities in the different countries? What will be the consequences? Which lessons could be learned?

Program (pdf)

Conference Documentation (pdf)

Keynote Eduardo Gudynas

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Video (Interview with Eduardo Gudynas)

Alternativen für eine rohstoffbasierte Entwicklung? – Workshop mit Eduardo Gudynas. (Stefanie Beßler/Paulo Freire Zentrum)

Das Ende einer progressiven Ära in Lateinamerika? – Konferenz mit Eduardo Gudynas.(Stefanie Beßler/Paulo Freire Zentrum)


Organized by ÖFSE – Austrian Foundation for Development Research and Dreikönigsaktion – Hilfswerk der Katholischen Jungschar (DKA) in cooperation with the Department of Political Science at the University of Vienna and the Austrian Latin America Institute.

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