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2016 -

C3 - Centrum für Internationale Entwicklung

Education, the SDGs and development strategies

Austrian launch of the GEM 2016 and Panel Discussion

Sustainable Development Goal Four refers to education as a universal right. To attain this goal, education has to be inclusive and of high quality. Which challenges follow on from this demanding objective for developing and developed countries alike? Looking at the broader picture, which role does education play as part of the global development agenda? How does it contribute to the development goals defined in the SDGs? And how are development strategies in the education sector and beyond shaped by this agenda?

These questions are at the heart of the Global Education Monitoring Report 2016. The report is the first in the new series in continuation of the Education for All Global Monitoring Reports published by UNESCO. Its mandate is to monitor progress towards the education targets in the new SDGs framework.
This year, the GEM focuses on the complex relations between education and key development sectors.

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Photo gallery

Helmuth Hartmeyer: Education, SDGs and development strategies (pdf)

Katarzyna Kubacka: Education for people and planet: Creating sustainable futures for all (pdf)

Bericht zur Veranstaltung:
Bildung als Schlüsselfaktor der Agenda 2030? (Isabella Wagner/Paulo Freire Zentrum)

The event is co-organised by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Austrian Foundation for Development Research (ÖFSE), Austrian Commission for UNESCO, University of Vienna - Department of Development Studies, Plattform Globale Bildungsgerechtigkeit.

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