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2020 -

C3 – Centrum für Internationale Entwicklung, Sensengasse 3, 1090 Vienna, Austria

Understanding the migration – vocational education nexus. Constraints and potentials.


Keynote Speaker: Volker Wedekind, University of Nottingham

Migration has become a controversially debated issue and a policy priority, and this is also true for the field of international development. Specifically, recent years have seen the booming of ‘tackling the root causes’ policy approaches in an effort to deter emigration with foreign aid. Education and technical and vocational education (TVET) have been identified as part of the policy toolkit. In fact, policy discourse assumes that TVET in developing countries contributes to employment and growth as the basis for improved livelihoods and decreased motivation to emigrate. By contrast, existing research identifies higher levels of education as one of the major push factors for emigration. In short, the underlying relation between education/TVET and migration is highly complex and far from being straightforward.

The conference aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners in the realm of TVET, migration and development in order to facilitate an in-depth discussion on the potential role of TVET in mitigating migration pressure. It intends to contribute to enhanced reflection on the migration-development nexus, to increased awareness about its complexity and social embeddedness as well as to more evidence-based policy approaches.

Conveners: ÖFSE, Technische Universität Berlin, Fachgebiet Erziehungswissenschaft/ Schul- und Berufspädagogik

> Fotos

> Vom Zusammenhang zwischen Ausbildung, Entwicklung und Migration. Bericht zur Veranstaltung von Monika Austaller (Paulo Freire Zentrum)

> Berufsbildung in fragilen Kontexten: Rückkehrer*innen in Afghanistan. Luana Schäfer (Paulo Freire Zentrum)



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